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Eisenhower Parents - If you would like access to your child's Google Apps account ask your child to show you how to log in to Google Apps. A student's username is their first and last name, with no space in between. A student's password is their student id number. Grade 6 students need to add ems to the end of the id number, with no space in between.



 To Learn More About Google Apps and how to use them see below.


What is Google Apps?

Google Apps Education Edition is a package of Google applications. The applications contained in Google Apps are Calendar, Contacts, Gmail, Chat, Sites, and Video. One of the most valuable parts of Google Apps is Google Docs. Google Docs contains Documents, a word processing program like MS Word, Spreadsheets, a spreadsheet program like Excel, Presentations, a presentation program like PowerPoint and Forms, a program that lets you create online forms to collect data.


If you know how to use other word processors, spreadsheets, and presentation programs, you can easily use Google Docs. Instead of emailing files back and forth between collaborators, Google Docs allows people to work on a single version of a document together online. You can also create web-based surveys to collect information from students, teachers, or parents.


Students can use Google Docs to:


Teachers can use Google Docs to:




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